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About us

We are an interdisciplinary design studio based in Montreal founded on creative collaboration through sustainable and socially responsible values.

We connect the dots between the power of design and the common good through our range of expertise and craft.

We are all about finding the right solution through responsible design to influence positive change. This is achieved through our interdisciplinary background and a range of craft. We do not fit into a single well defined box and we don’t intend to. Our creations materialize on paper, digitally, in commercial spaces and as conceptual objects.


Founded by designers Lorena and Antonio, siblings with complementary talents and backgrounds, who’s interdisciplinary practice is one that strives to translate missions into meaningful brands, products and services that share a set of values for the common good.

Motivated by their creative complicity, after 18 years of combined experience in the field of graphic and industrial design, they decided to create their own studio together based in Montreal in 2017 to build on the intersection of creativity and the positive impact of design to society.

Our approach is guided by a multicultural vision, traditional craftsmanship, digital manufacturing, critical thinking, research and sustainable development to deliver both responsible and innovative proposals.

co-founder / Graphic Designer

Board member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Quebec / SDGQ

Education : BA, Graphique design, Magna Cum Laude, UDLA-Puebla (2004).  Design exchange program, NSCAD (Halifax 2001). BFA, Ceramics, Concordia, Montreal (2013).

Worked in: Graphic design, art direction, advertising, web design, exhibition design, editorial design, photography, storytelling.

For clients such as: Pratt & Whitney, Via Rail, Aéroports de Montréal,CAE, SNC Lavalin, Easy Jet, Air Inuit, Culture Montréal, Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec, Culture pour tous, C2 Montréal, L’effet A, Astral Media Mix, Ordre des Opticiens d’ordonnance du Québec, Van Houtte, Mikes, among others.

She believes in: authenticity, kindness and courage.

She admires: People, especially women, who are brave enough to take a stand for their beliefs and use their talents to contribute to positive change anywhere from a small to a global scale.  The list is quite long, but among others: Brené Brown, Tom and David Kelly, Sarah McLachlan and Esther Perel.


Antonio García Girón

Co-founder / Industrial Designer

Member of the Industrial Design Association of Quebec / ADIQ

Education: BSc Industrial Design, University of Monterrey, (2006) Product design session, Art Center College of Design, (Pasadena, 2007), M.A. – Design, ECUAD (Vancouver, 2010), Graduate degree in Environmental science and sustainable development, University of Montreal, (2016).

Worked in: Industrial design, sustainable design, product design, interior design, project management, event planning, storytelling.

For studios such as: Ariel Rojo Design Studio (Mexico)  and Demakersvan Dutch Design House (Rotterdam)  among others.

He believes in: The positive impact of diversity, social justice, upcycling, fighting inequalities, reducing environmental footprints, social innovation initiatives, circular economy projects, and simplicity.

He admires: Immigrants from around the world. The work of Alejandro Aravena, Enzio Manzini, Anthony Dunne, Don Norman, Nicholas Negroponte, and Victor Papanek.

The quality of our work

Our creative work is characterized by its depth of thought, purpose driven propositions and innovative vision backed by responsible values towards society and the environment.

Nous sommes fières de notre nouvelle identité, elle nous ressort du lot au même temps qu'elle reflète notre univers.
Manon Lapalme
Directrice Maison des Familles de LaSalle
Co/Créa Studio m'a offert l'accompagnement nécessaire dès la définition du concept, en passant par le choix du nom de mon entreprise pour en arriver au branding et les outils de marketing.
Jenny Neuebauer
Fondatrice Spïro Pilates Fitness
Co/Créa ont su s'adapter à nos besoins tout en respectant notre budget pour revoir notre identité lors de notre évolution en tant qu'organisation.
Karina Smith
Directrice Jardin Urbain