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Showcasing diversity for a recruitment campaign


City of Montreal

The Commission sur le développement social et la diversité montréalaise looks at issues related to the quality of the living environments of Montréal’s population and the fight against poverty. Learn more about this standing committee.


Multi-platform recruitment campaign for the 3 Advisory Councils of the City of Montreal:

This standing committee leads public consultations that allow residents to express their opinions.

what we did

Social Media Content / Marketing / Advertising  / Graphic Design

how we did it

We designed the 2021  bilingual recruitment campaign of the Board Members for the 3 Advisory Councils of the City of Montreal focusing on the ethnocultural and intergenerational diversity of its residents.

We encouraged our client to dare use accents of bright color gradients combined with black and white photos as well as a clear call to action.  This brought a freshness and a dynamic aspect to this call for applicants to get involved in important decisions concerning the City of Montreal.

The campaign was designed so that Montrealers can recognize themselves in it and thus encourage their participation as board members in an inclusive manner.

Whether for youth, gender equality or interculturality, what matters is making a difference by taking part in the change you want to see take place in Montreal.