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Limited edition bilingual promotional items


Creative Morning Montreal

CreativeMornings is the world’s largest face-to-face creative community with free monthly events (breakfast-lecture) in 224 cities across 67 countries. 


To create limited edition handmade commemorative cups and magnets for their 5th anniversary.

what we did

Product Design / Packaging 

how we did it

Our proposal combined traditional handmade craftsmanship with 3d printing technology.

We chose  speckled clay to represent the members of the community that make up the Creative Mornings Montreal chapter.

The logo of the chapter is supported by this analogy and the creative community’s diversity and uniqueness is also represented by the choice of material and process, since no two items are exactly the same. Each cup and magnet were handmade in Montreal with pride and care.

In the spirit of innovation, we used a 3d printed stamp at the bottom of each cup in the form of the island of Montreal to set the chapter appart. This detail reveals itself with each use and reminds us we proudly belong to this territory that we call home.

In addition, the cups and magnets contributed to reduce the event’s environmental impact while promoting a sense of belonging amongst its members.

Photography: Tora Création & CoCréa Studio