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Practical Paris pocket guide



The premier website for Francophiles in the US and abroad, covering news, arts, culture and style.


To create a printed and online pocket guide to discover Paris in a new and practical way, combining insights with the spirit of the city of lights.

This first edition consisted of 10,000 copies as well as an online version for their website to promote what the city of Paris has to offer to tourists and visitors alike with a fresh and unique approach.

what we did

Editorial Design / Information Design

how we did it

We created a concept and visual language that juxtapose tradition with a modern twist  in order to accurately portray the information contained in this mini-guide of Paris. 

Depth and modernity are portrayed through the use of a duotone image in the cover meant to address a broad range of public with its unisex design. With elegance and simplicity as key points, the use of blocks of colour brings a fresh and vibrant feeling to the tourist guide.

The colour palette has been derived from the colours of Frenchly’s brand with a slightly softer tone to facilitate legibility and bring about freshness. The combination of 2 sans-serif typefaces (Agus Sans and Gotham family) give a strong personality to the style of the magazine while preserving its lightness.

The square format of this guide facilitates its transportation and usage.