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Fundamental MX/CA 

Fundamental MX/CA designs marble products in Montreal that are ethically handcrafted in Mexico following sustainable practices.


To create the branding, storytelling and marketing strategy for a collection of ethically made marble products. The project also included an online store and content creation for the latter and social media.

what we did

Branding / Digital Marketing Strategy / Web Design (Online Store) / Storytelling / Product Photography / Content Creation

how we did it

Our approach included listening to the why behind the project and asking a series of key questions in pursuit of the core information. All supported by a series of workshops and tool kits specially designed to go step by step in the process of finding such information.

The logo was inspired by tradition and innovation connected through an ongoing mutually enriching journey. The MX/CA country abbreviations of Canada and Mexico were added representing the international collaboration between the designers that live in Canada and the craftsmen in Mexico.

The end result became Fundamental MX/CA, a high-end brand that designs ethically made marble products. The storytelling includes: endless durability, family business, positive impact, community empowerment, meaningful relationships, quality over quantity (slow design), process matters and upcycling. 

The Fundamental Values were developed to accompany the different products of the collection, highlighting and promoting intimacy, authenticity, hope and reflection.

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