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Playful logo & posters for non-profit organization


CDC Rosemont in Montreal

A group of community organizations that help the neighbourhood’s developement in the city of Montreal.


Creating an illustration and a logo to promote La Mob’île, an initiative of CDC Rosemont in Montreal. La Mob’île is an island on an electric bike that travels around the neighbourhood to promote the available resources that community organizations offer to its residents in a fun and innovative way.

what we did

Branding / Illustration / Graphic Design

how we did it

We took into consideration the characteristics of both typefaces that had already been chosen for all communications when creating the illustration and the logo, which in turn allows for better coherence between existing and new communications linked to the project. 

The colour palette in vibrant tones reflects the energy infused in the essence of the project. To contribute to the well being and quality of life of the residents of the neighbourhood where it travels offering information in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Posters were pinned around the neighbourhood previous to the official launch of the project.