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Branding & marketing materials for flexible education


Le Jardin Urbain

Through a continuum of flexible educational options for families with children aged 6 months to 12 years, Jardin Urbain aims to be a pillar in the community of families choosing flexible education in Montréal.


Creating a playful, inviting and trustworthy branding for the alternative flexible educational project that can benefit the families that make up the clientèle of Jardin Urbain. 

After 5 years of supporting families in their quest for an alternative daycare and preschool options, Jardin Urbain chose to rethink their branding and brand architecture in order to better reflect what their enlarged services now offer, as well as improving their brand awareness in their target audience.

what we did

Rebranding / Brand architecture / Graphic Design / Web Design

how we did it

The logo is based on the acronym JU, for branding architecture purposes, with visual textures through geometrical shapes, that represent playfully the different categories of service as well as the flexible approach towards children’s education of the institution.

The colourful dots on the letters represent the 3 age ranges of children to whom JU transmits the passion of learning.The colourful but less vibrant colour palette and a serif typeface add a classical touch to the logo.

The website is meant to be playful, inviting and inspire trust in the educational project that JU offers.