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Redefining souvenirs


My Montreal Our Island Brand

Montréal, UNESCO City of Design.


To create a limited edition handmade collection of alternative souvenirs of the city of Montreal, to be sold in lifestyle boutiques around the city.

what we did

Product design / Branding / Packaging

how we did it

We revisited the souvenir object using a combination of traditional craftsmanship with 3d printing in this series of handmade ceramic pieces that celebrate the city of Montreal. 

We converged the individual and collective perspectives of Montreal, highlighting its diversity and uniqueness through the characteristics of clay. It is often forgotten that Montreal is an island, thus our choice of its shape as a reminder that unveils itself in the bottom of the cup and that serves as a way to showcase our pride in the magnet. 

The brand name was derived from the inclusive reflection that “ultimately, my Montreal and your Montreal is our island”.A handwritten logo that emulates writing on sand was created to further accentuate the notion of Montreal being an island. 

The choice of materials aimed for durability. The package design was custom made striving to reduce environmental impact.